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Roadmap to Sanity
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I guess it's time to start using this again. My goals remain the same, and I still have almost as far to go, but I'm going to start tracking the steps I'm taking to reach them.

This weekend, I cleaned the ferret cage and washed all their bedding. I also cleaned up all the poop from the floors and scrubbed out the closet.

In business, I had a follow-up listing appointment, and will be starting the listing period the first week in August. I also developed an expired letter and researched and mailed to 15 expireds.

I know I started this journal months ago, but the whole cleaning and goal setting thing never got started. I guess I just wasn't ready, and was still feeling overwhelmed by everything. I had a mini vacation this weekend and came back with a lot of energy, plus a few days off work, so it's a good time to put a dent in things. I decided to start out by focusing on getting the house in order, because live here and it effects everything I do. I could say the same for finances, but you've got to have money to pay the bills before you can really do much to help out there.

I started out by cleaning the ferret cages before we left, so we could put the ferrets up when we got back. That's done. They don't seem very happy about it, but at least now we can put out rat poison, and mouse traps in places other than on top of things where the ferrets can't reach. My plan was to clean up all the places with ferret pop first, then mop the linoleum with bleach water and vacuum and shampoo the carpet in places where they had pooped or peed. I'll probably do that this evening. I started out in the kitchen instead, last night.

I was just gong in there to cook, which I do pretty rarely, and when I cleared off the stove I noticed some fluff under one of the burners. When I lifted it up, I could see that that mice had been living there [makes sense because we found a bunch of dog food there a couple years ago where it must've been stashed, and because we had seen a bunch of droppings there and set mice traps near the stove on the kitchen counter and had caught several in it]. I moved everything off the top and lifted the top off, then cleaned underneath and the the top surface while my husband cleaned the drip pans for the burners for me. He also helped me move the stove out from the wall, and I swept and mopped under it and wiped down the sides. There was a ton of corn under the burners, and lint, rat poo, and other stuff I couldn't identify. There was also poop lint, and just general nastiness back behind the stove.

In cleaning the stove, I found more poop and nasty stuff under the pile of clutter to the left of the stove. When I woke up this morning, I started there. I threw away most of it, and put the things worth saving in a box, to clean off and put up once there is room on the counter and/or in the cabinets for it. I guess the kitchen is a good place to start, from a sanitation point of view. This morning, I threw out some old food from the refrigerator [fruits, veggies, and lunch meats - I'll get to the stuff on the shelves and in behind things later]. I also cleaned the whole left side of the counter, where all the other rat droppings and chewed up things were beside the stove. I cleaned the microwave and toaster oven as well, although I need something for the toaster over that will cut grease better, it is at least clean and usable for the first time in about 2 years [something caught of fire in it a couple years back, I threw flour in it to put the fire out,m and it just sat there on top of the microwave & never got cleaned]. It's just one small corner, the stove and a piece of counter about 2x3 ft, but it's a start, and I now have somewhere to cook that's not totally filthy.

When I say that my house is a wreck, I mean it. I'm over a year behind on housework, and I have no idea where to even start, much less "catch up" As these photos from August show, this isn't something I can fix in a few days, and probably not in a few weeks. I read a magazine article a few months ago about "hoarding" and people who can't bear to clean or throw anything away, and I took those pictures because I was afraid of becoming like some of the worse cases I saw, and waned to get my home clean and organized before that happened. I did go home and throw out several truckloads of clutter and junk, but since that time my home has gotten more cluttered up.

I didn't even take pictures of the closets - 2 I can't get into, one keeps getting filled with ferret poop. I let the ferrets out to eat the mice the first time I saw mouse droppings in the kitchen; it didn't work, and now there's no in place in the house for the ferret cage to go - I am giving them food & water in he bathroom, and they are pooping wherever [in that closet and under chairs, tables, etc hidden by junk]. I know it's nasty but I don't know where to start - I need them in the cage, but then I'd have to clean it every few days and I feel bad caging them up after they've gotten used to running free. Again, we can't use mouse traps or rat poison to kill the mice, because the ferrets might get into them.

I know I need help now, but I'm so overwhelmed it just feels like I'm losing ground before I start. This is costing me money and I'm behind in bills because I keep losing statements and missing payments. I'm broke, yet working 2 full time jobs, so it's hard to even find time to clean, and being broke makes me depressed and then I have even less energy for housework. I did get the name for a professional organizer that supposedly works with people with "Chronic Disorganization". I just hope she's prepared for this, and knows how to help people whose problems are beyond normal clutter and mess. Either way, that will have to wait until after I get some tax money back, because I cannot afford either the services of a professional or the coast of bins, etc to organize thing in right now.

I have got to change this now, because:

  • We haven't been able to have houseguests for over a year. I'm ashamed to even have service people in.
  • I cannot find things & paperwork when I need them.
  • I am losing bills and important financial/business documents.
  • We have mice, and mice droppings all over the kitchen & now in other rooms, which is unhealthy.
  • The mice have gotten into our food and eaten it, which is unhealthy and costs money.
  • The mice have chewed through our telephone wires & I'm afraid of them shorting the electrical wires as well.
  • I cannot find my clothes to wear to work, and have no place to hang them to keep them clean & unwrinkled.
  • I cannot even use my home office & couldn't invite clients in if I could
  • The house smells, and I can't get the smell out or clean thoroughly with all the junk in my way.
  • The house and housework is one of the only things that has caused strain in my marriage.
  • It's depressing to live like this, and not even be able to talk about it with others for support.
  • I deserve to live better than this, and so does my husband.

Weight            273.5
Dress Size     24
Body Fat %    (42.5 - from home scale, not Curves)
BMI                  38.2

Bust            45.5
Waist          44
Abdomen   55
Hips            58
Thighs        33
Arms           16


  • Develop business budget for 2008
  • Fill out business planning worksheet for 2008
  • Re-do listing presentation
  • Make up new FSBO packages
  • 3 hours per day prospecting [1 research, 2 contacts]
  • Take 3 listings this month
  • Make 2 sales this month
  • Develop home budget for 2008
  • Start using the "envelope system"
  • Get all debt/interest info entered into debt management spreadsheet
  • Negotiate interest/payments on credit accounts
  • Start monthly savings
  • Work out at Curves at least 3 times a week
  • Walk/jog at least 3 times a week
  • Start a [written] diet/exercise journal
  • Eat realistic portion sizes
  • Keep ferret cages clean [2x week]
  • Clean up big closet
  • Clean kitchen counters & floor
  • Clean/inventory prep room
Personal Development
  • Finish "See You At The Top"
  • Implement Ideas from SYATT
  • Re-Read MREA
  • Implement MREA Ideas
  • Track Goals & Progress

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